Monday, April 22, 2013

April in Paris

It's really and truly spring now, which means back to the parks and open spaces of Paris. Since the temperature inched up and the flowers bloomed, I've found more time to run in the Jardin de Luxembourg in the mornings and more time to play outdoors with Malanga Girl after school. I've just found more time and energy, in general. Sunshine is good for the soul.

This past weekend, specifically, brought us the discovery of the Jardin de Reuilly and the Promenade Plantée. It could take me a lifetime to hit every single park in this city, but I wish I had found the expansive lawn of the Jardin de Reuilly earlier. There aren't a whole lot of grassy fields in Paris where parking your derriere is allowed, but here is one where you can sit for as long as you like. Nothing says spring like the picnicking group next to you popping open a bottle of champagne.

Encouraged by my dear husband's tip that chocolate milk is a good post-run drink, I finally set up a Cola-Cao/Banania taste test at home this weekend, too. Malanga Girl helped me judge. We both agreed that Cola Cao tastes better. It doesn't dissolve as well in milk as Banania does, but it is infinitely more chocolatey. I doubt this news will change the world, but if you're ever caught living between competing French and Spanish nostalgia, maybe you'll think of my Cola-Cao/Banania taste test.

The weekend ended with Malanga Girl's ballet recital, an event that made me a little weepy as I saw the huge difference between the smallest class and Malanga Girl's class on stage. Malanga Girl was so serious, so poised. She was really dancing, as opposed to running on tip-toes to show off a cute costume like last year. It's incredible to see how much can change in a year. Incredible, too, to think that this is our second spring in Paris.

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